EURUSD Pair Review June 11

EURUSD Pair traded up to 1.3250 range on yesterday's trading session after the pair traded confirm the range of 1.3175 as the Lower Range Support. 

Bias pair in the morning session today was with Bullish Bearish Momentum. Pair is still trading the range Range 1.3190 - 1.3290, beware of NFP Range Breakout in this month, as long as the pair is still trading diarea then NFP Range traders are advised to wait until Breakout happen. 

Upper Breakout will be potentially pair trading broadly higher until with range of 1:35, vice versa if lower Range is violated then the Support hereinafter will visible dikisaran 1.3 - 1:28 back. 

EURUSD has traded in 11 point range, which is 12% of Average Range 93 points and traded higher by +0.02% +0.04% High and Low -0.05% from yesterday's closing.

Intraday Resistance 1:33 to 1:35
Intraday support at 1.3180 - 1.3 - 1:28

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