Rebate Account Promotion
Opened rebate offer, to all Trader, if you join the Master Forex, you will get two benefits, namely your own profit from the transaction, and the result of me, with the following conditions:

1. get a rebate at 60:40, from any trade with a minimum of 3 pips you closed, profit or loss (60% for you and 40% for me).

2. 60:40 rebate, valid for 6 months after that and so on rebate to 50:50.

3. rebate value, depending on the size of lots that you traded. the larger the lot, the greater the rebate you gained.

4. rebate is paid each month, between the dates 1-10 through internal transfers.

5. A minimum payment of rebate $10

6. Open and fund a new trading account and get all the benefits of this unique offer...

Please sign up here;

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